Dilipdada ni Haveli

Pols & Living Heritage
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Dilipdada ni Haveli is a heritage residence building. Dilipdada who is 90 years old lives in this Havelil. He has lived all his life in this Haveli. He says his grandfather has built this Haveli. They had a family business of sarees. Dilipdada was such a master of his business that even today if he touches any fabric, he is able to tell about the quality of the fabric. No one knows the exact year when this was built but from the style of Architecture it looks like around 150 years old.  We can see that strong influences of early British era in this Haveli.
This Haveli from the main Pol side later, This Haveli was built in two different architectural styles. There are clearly influences of Victorian style on the front side while Art Deco style influences are seen in later addition to this house. We can also see that how even though there are British influences, the presence of Krishna motif on the door suggests the Hindu religion of the owner. This house is built on a slope, the entrance side to the road level and on the back side is at first floor level.
Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has prepared a list of structures that have high heritage value and this house is listed as a heritage structure as per that list.




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