Dhalgarwad Market

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Approximate Distance From Where You Are: 1.36 Kilometer

Dhalgarwad is one of Ahmedabad’s busiest markets for clothing. It is located near the Bhadra Plaza and is therefore close to many historical monuments.

The planning of the walled city has been historically done to enable the traffic to flow on the main roads and the activities to happen on subsidiary streets. From the main roads branch off the secondary streets that cater to specific shopping needs of the people. These have become busy markets, each of which has specialized in a particular product or type of merchandise.

For example, Lokhand bazaar specialises in iron and steel products, Lakda bazaar in wood and carpentry, Dava bazaar in medicine, Dana bazaar or Chokha bazaar in food grains and groceries, Gor gali in gur or jaggery, Chandla pole in jewellery, Biscuit Gali in bakery items, Ramakda Market in toys and artefacts, among others. The main markets for clothes are Revdi bazaar, Ratanpol and Dhalgarwad.

The variety of shops and street side vendors along the streets of Dhalgarwad can be bewildering. Here you can find a variety of textiles and garments, often at lower prices than elsewhere in the city. Look for garments, children’s clothing, sarees, cotton fabrics from the southern states of India, prints from Rajasthan, and many other textiles. You can also buy cloth by the meter for shirting and suiting material. In little lanes you could hear the sound of a sewing machine or an embroidery machine from clustered houses or workplaces.


Located near Bhadra Square and the Jama Masjid, this is a good place to combine a heritage tour of Ahmedabad with shopping.



03 Hour


Most stores are open from 10:00 Hours to 21:00 Hours, daily except Sunday while many are closed.

Timings :10:00 TO 21:00

Entry Fee : Free