Khanpur Darwaja

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Khanpur Gate is one of the impressive gateways of Ahmedabad’s walled city. Khanpur Gate stands along the city’s north-west wall which was part of the second fort planned by the Sultans to accommodate the expanding city of Ahmedabad.

Khanpur Gate, called Khanpur Darwaza or Khanpur Darwaja, is one of the gates of the second fort planned by Sultan Ahmed Shah to accommodate the expanding city of Ahmedabad.

Fort was completed around 1487 by Mahmud Begada, with an outer wall consisting of many large and a few small gates, 189 bastions and over 6,000 battlements.

The gate is an impressive architectural work. It was restored in 2017 reusing the old materials and architectural fragments of the original gateway.

Sandstone from Dhrangadhrawas transported the city for the repairs and restoration. The medieval walls of the old city still stand at Khanpur.

Over the last few decades, Khanpur Road has become a hub of activity for visitors to the city of Ahmedabad with several hotels, restaurants and shops.


The arched gateway is a befitting example of Ahmedabad's Indo-Islamic architectural style, which stands at 7.20 meter height and measures 11.8 meter X 7.80 meter on plan.



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The historic darwajas of Ahmedabad stand proudly upright, marking the boundaries of the old walled city of Ahmedabad. Being part of the public infrastructure of the city, they are open to visitor during all hours of the day. However, it is best to visit during day time to properly appreciate the architectural details and also enjoy the thriving markets in and around them.

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