International Kite Festival

Approximate Distance From Where You Are: 0.93 Kilometer

It is the only festival when lakhs of Gujaratis gathered on their terraces to navigate their kites through the sky. A few thousand gather at Riverfront every year to witness a spectacular show of aerial parade. Uttarayan is an auspicious festival amongst the Gujaratis who celebrate this day to welcome the season of harvest. Undhiyu, which is a savory assortment of different vegetables, is cooked specially on this day. Jalebi which is a spiral dessert is also prepared along with it. One can sense an air of excitement across the country during Uttarayan. All across the state, people gather at their rooftops to fly kites that soar through the sky. To make this day even more auspicious, the city of Ahmedabad hosts an International Kite Festival. It congregates kite enthusiasts from all around the world who demonstrate their unique collection of kites. From Japanese rokkaku fighting kites to Malaysia’s majestic wau-balang kites, you can witness every known variety of kites at the International Kite Festival.


08:00 AM TO 04:00 PM

Timings :13th January & 14th January

Entry Fee : Free