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Navratri comes from 'nav,' meaning nine, and 'ratri,' meaning nights together, meaning nine nights. It is an auspicious dance festival celebrated in Gujarat. A series of nights devoted to dance, music, and worship. Navratri is the world’s longest nine-day dance festival that is celebrated to commemorate goddess Amba. Overwhelmed with their admiration, Amdavadis groove and sing in praise of their goddess. When a demon named Mahishasur wreaked havoc on the gods who could not kill him, it was goddess Amba who killed the demon. Navratri celebrates this victory of Amba over Mahishasur. According to scriptures, that victory had restored peace and harmony in the universe. The celebration lasts for 9 days, for it is believed that their fight went on that long. So, every night for the nine days, men and women, boys and girls, dress up in colorful clothes and dance to their heart’s content till midnight.


08:00 PM TO 10:00 PM


The Navratri festivities organised by the state government of Gujarat has been cancelled in the wake of Covid-19 as per official statement.

Timings :7th October & 15th October

Entry Fee : Not Applicable