Rani Rupmati Mosque

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Rani Rupmati Mosque is a good specimen of the provincial Indo-Islamic architecture that flowered during the reign of the Gujarat Sultans.

This mosque and tomb complex is dedicated to Rani Rupmati whom Sultan Mahmud Shah Begada married. The mosque is said to have been built by Sultan Mahmud Begada though some believe that it dates to the reign of Sultan Muzzafar Shah in the 1500s.

Rani Rupmati Mosque is located in the Mirzapur area of Ahmedabad, near the St. Xaviers School. The mosque has most of the features of the architecture of the Gujarat Sultanate like the high central arch, imposing domes connected by flat roofs, slim minarets, carved galleries and an exquisite marble mihrab.

The archway of the mosque’s façade has a rectangular frame, with lotus medallions in the corners. The smaller arches are flanked by a pair of jharokha balconies. Behind the entrances are the domes supported by pillars.

The façade of this mosque is plainer than that of some of the other monuments of the Sultanate period, and the richly carved buttresses on which the minarets once stood and cornices contrast with the austerity of the elevated central arch.

The domed mausoleum in the complex has two tombs.


Towards North East of the mosque lies a Roza holding the remains of the queen. The ambulatory takes the form of a verandah and is open to the exterior of the building.



30 Minutes


The mosque can be visited at any time between dawn and dusk except when it is closed for prayers.

Timings :06:00 TO 20:00

Entry Fee : Free