Shah Alam Roza

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Approximate Distance From Where You Are: 4.05 Kilometer

Also known as Shah-e-Alam no Rozo or as Rasulabad Dargah, Shah Alam Roza is a mosque and tomb complex in the area that is named Shah Alam after the spiritual mentor and religious teacher of Sultan Mahmud Begada.

Though Shah Alam means an emperor of the world, Shah Alam was a religious teacher. His father Hazrath Syed Burhanuddin Qutub-ul-Alam settled at Vatwa in Ahmedabad during the reign of Sultan Ahmed Shah.

Shah Alam succeeded his father and, till his death in 1475, was one of the most revered of Muslim religious teachers of Ahmedabad. The tomb was built in the period between 1475 and 1483.

The ensemble called Shah Alam Roza comprises of gates, the tombs, the mosque, the assembly hall, a water body and the remains of some other medieval structures. An impressive gate marks the northern entrance to the complex.

The multi-domed tomb has latticed screens or jalis along the outer wall and the grave in the central enclosure. A small tomb is built over the grave of a parrot that was a pet of Shah Alam. The mosque is an example of the late Sultanate period architecture with an open front façade crowned by minarets at both ends.



15 Minutes


The complex can be visited between dawn and dusk, open daily.

Timings :04:00 TO 22:30

Entry Fee : Free