“Vishalla”, a traditionally designed restaurant, came into existence on 27 March, 1978. The designer, Mr. Surendra Patel, discovered the name \'Vishala\' in the book Bhaktachintamani of a religious group called Swaminarayan. This book encompasses the life span of the Swaminarayan Guru. There is a small district in the Himalayas, “Badri Vishala”, which has been widely recognized as a prominent retreat for the “rishi-munis” since time unknown. The place is fit for the purpose owing to its vastness, the ambience and the immense relaxation it offers. “Vishala” found its way into the Swaminarayan book due to the mention of the instance when the Swami went to meditate there. The name caught the sensitive eyes of Mr. Patel as it related to his vision of the restaurant, a place for homely, staple food in a relaxed atmosphere and with a free mind. Vishalla`s portrayal as a typical Indian village can be traced back to the childhood memories of the designer. In the city, he could never find the same free, relaxed, natural living that he had experienced during the school vacations he spent in the village. As a designer, he always thought about ways to bring the urban milieu closer to nature and sharing with them the blessed experience of feeling free. He actualized his ideas through the Vishalla campus and in its decorum, which now makes us all proud of its rich culture.


Vishalla, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India