Dayabhai Mehta Haveli

Dahyabhai Mehta built a very beautiful haveli with magnificent mughal karigari in 1935 which is currently owned by miss Pratima Bhimbhai Mehta. Granddaughter of Mr. Dayabhai Mehta. She has also written a book “Memories of my Pol”. Today this Haveli is also hosts office of an NGO called Chetna Foundation. This 250-years-old haveli, one amongst the many old neglected heritage structures in Khadia’s Desai ni Pol, belongs to freedom fighter Dayabhai Mehta and will be restored into a house museum — probably the first time that the city will have host one of its kind with the help of AMC. This Haveli is going to host a Museum showcasing Freedom Fighters` stories just like Anne Frank`s house in Amsterdam. The haveli`s significance lies not only in its being a host to historical luminaries like Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekananda but also that it conducted seminars and gatherings during pre-independence period. In a state of profuse disrepair today, the mansion is a mute witness to pre-Independence revolution in Ahmedabad, under the guidance of several noted freedom fighters. It is believed that Gandhiji`s family had good terms with the Mehtas, due to which, they family was a regular visitor at the haveli - with discussions often veering to the independence struggle.


Khadia, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India