Parsi Agiyari

The temple of Parsis is called Agiyari. Sheth Kurshedji Baheramji Nanavati built Atashe Dadgah in 1877, in Bhukhara Street near Khamasa Chowki. Navroji Vakil and Jahangir Vakil developed it into Atashe Adran in 1884. Again, the same family added more amenities to it in 1933 and developed into a building with a wide compound known as Vakil Anjuman Adran. In the south of the prayer hall, there is chief Kebano (the Fire Hall) with a dome above it. They worship fire. The Parsi Agiyari of Kankaria was built by Sheth Ardeshar Dosabhai Vadiyaji in 1925.


Khadia, Bawa Latif Street, Dhalgarwad, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India