Kalupur Tower

Kalupur Tower is an old and known chowk in Ahmedabad. It is the home of bara handi, where the flavours have been cooking for a century in the same pot, where towering clock once hurried children to school (before it broke) and where one finds the best yeast, sold wholesale to bakers across the city. It is packed day and night, with a growing pack of parked rickshaws around the tower at the center. With so many moving parts the relationships among parts are easily obscured. This project, conducted as an assignment in the M.Arch course Mapping Strategies at CEPT University, sent students sifting through layers to single out a single piece of information and map it across the chowk. We then gathered each of the layers and brought them together to understand how the pieces relate, and to ask questions about the apparent intersections. How is the edge of the chowk formed? Do parked rickshaws exert a permanent presence, or are they temporary? Why do women walk inside the small lanes at some times and not others? What makes some places ok to spit and others not?


Kalupur, Kalupur Tower, Kalupur Darwaza, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India