Mahaveer Swami Derasar

Oldest among the five Derasars of Mahavir Swami in Ahmedabad, Mahavir Swami Derasar located at Gandhi Road is known for aangi on the first day of Bhadarva Sud. On this auspicious day, shravakas from all over the country visit this Tirth. Apart from adornments, the Derasar is also famous for its unique construction, stunning sculptures of Gods and Goddesses. The visitors are also attracted by replicas of holy mountains- Pavapuri and Astapadaji with 24 images in metal and different Yantras. Remarkably, till date this Derasar has not consumed electricity. The present Derasar was reconstructed in Samvat 1922 by Sheth Umabhai Rupchand.


Mahaveer Swami Derasar,Ahmedabad, Gujarat