Dada Harir`s Vav

In the quiet neighbourhood Asarwa village, northeast of the walled tucked away between a sleepy residential area and the coal yards of Ahmedabad on a little side street, you will find Dada Harir Vav. At ground level, you may not see much, but as you step up to the top of the stairs, you suddenly see a deep cascade of stairs and columns plunging down several stories, with shafts of light falling on beautiful carvings and birds and bats flitting in and out of the shadowy corners. Built around 500 years ago by Sultan Bai Harir, this stepwell is like others around Gujarat, with elaborate craftsmanship and construction built underground to provide access to a permanent source of water. For many years stepwells like this one provided most of the water for the city during the long dry seasons. On the walls, as you descend, you will find carvings of all type, including some in Sanskrit as well as in Arabic script. The well is best visited in the late morning when light penetrates down the shaft. To reach the site, it is best to find an autorickshaw driver who knows the place to take you there. Buses come nearby, but then it can be quite roundabout to find it on foot. Visiting Hour: 09:00 am to 05:00 pm, Everyday Location: At Haripura, Asarva, 3 km from Ahmedabad Station


Dada Harir Vav, Asarwa, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India