Haibatkhan`s Masjid

Haibat Khan’s Mosque is a medieval mosque in Ahmedabad, India. The mosque is located to south-west of Dastur Khan’s Mosque near Jamalpur gate. It was built by Haibat Khan, one of Ahmed Shah I`s nobles, possibly on the site of a Hindu temple. Though of little beauty, this mosque is one of the earliest attempts to combine Islamic and Hindu elements of architecture. The front wall is plain, pierced by three small pointed arches; the minarets small and without ornament, rise from the roof; and, with a dwarfed and unlighted clerestory, the centre is barely raised above the side domes. Inside, in the centre, is a dome of with beautiful carvings, and pillars taken from different Hindu temples with variety of rich ornament.


Magina Haibat Khani Mosque, Jamalpur Gate Circle, Jamalpur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India