Shantinath ni Pol & Derasar

A Panorama of this pol reveals an idyllic and laid back pictue of life in the pols.one ofthen gets to see cows ambling and ruminating lazily,old men chatting, a handful of women performing their daily stints on the “Otla”. A beautifully carved wooden Chabutara stands in the midst of silence, behind is the magnificent Shantinath nu derasar. However,the awesome splendor of the derasar is only visible when one enter it. Shantinathji derasar is truly a feast to the eyes as one discovers the magnificence of the delicate wood carving in the carving in the ceiling of the dome, panels, brackets, jali, windows etc. was built by Shah Vakhatchand Malichand in the year 1923 A.D. There is a 19 inch his idol of Shantinath Tirthankar. It is believed that initially the entire temple was built of wood .When Relief Road was being constructed, the temple had to be shifted to the interior and it was reconstructed out of marble and some wooden component from the previous temple.


Shantinath ni Pol and Derasar,Ahmedabad