Ahmedabad Afternoon Tour

For those who wish to explore the city at its peak hour, select an afternoon tour that will take you from the Gandhi Ashram to Akshardham.

It is a totally different experience to explore the city at its peak time. You can witness people in their normal routine and get a sniff of what the city truly represents. Amdavad Municipal Corporation brings you one of the best afternoon tours of the city which takes off from Gandhi Ashram and explores the city, all the way up till, Akshardham

Afternoon tour starts from:

1.Sabarmati Ashram (Gandhi Ashram)

2.Hutheesing Jain Temple

3.Sidi Saiyyed Mosque

4.Bhadra Fort

5.Rani Sipri’s Mosque

6.Jhulta Minara

7.Sardar Patel National Memorial

8.Adalaj Stepwell


Starting Location

Sabarmati Ashram



08 Hour TO 09 Hour

Things to Know

Entry Tickets Not Included In Package. The Mandir is a sacred house of God and a place of daily worship. To preserve its sanctity and Spiritual ambience, a strict dress code should be observed within the complex. All participants must cover the shoulders, chest, navel, and upper arms and wear lower wear that goes below the knees. Free for 5-12 year old children. Need to show photo ID.

Timings: 13:30 TO 19:30

Entry Fee: Adults INR 500/-, Students INR 400/- (No refund once tickets are booked)