Manek Baba Temple

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Manek Baba Samadhi (Manek Baba Temple) is a memorial temple where Maneknath, a saint of Ahmedabad, took samadhi.

Maneknath or Manek Baba was a renowned saint of Ahmedabad who lived in the 15th century. One of the famous stories about him relates how he kept interrupting the work of the construction of the fort of Ahmedabad because he resented the taking over of the area by Sultan Ahmed Shah.

He would weave a mat or blanket by day and when he unraveled the weaves the fort would crumble. When he proved his powers to the Sultan, the architect of the fort Ahmed Khattu took his guidance to select the place where the fort would be and changed the layout of the city. He took samadhi on an island that was part of the stream of the Sabarmati river when it flowed through Tankshal and under Fernandes Bridge.

The memorial temple is located at the historical square called Manek Chowk. Local traders believe that is the power of this shrine and other religious places around the square that brings prosperity of the bullion, jewellery, clothing, vegetables and food markets of Manek Chowk.



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