Harkuvar Shethani Mansion

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Harkunvar Sethani Ni Haveli (Harkuvar Shethani Mansion) is one of the largest and grandest havelis in Ahmedabad. It is worth seeing for its architecture and exquisite woodcarvings.

Harkunvar Sethani is well-known for her contribution to society for which she received the title of Nek Sakhavati Bahadur from the British Government. She undertook the completion of the Hutheesing Jain temple after the passing away of her husband. She was a great believer in woman education and empowerment.

She started a girl’s school in Ahmedabad, and the Harkunvarba and Jyotiba Kanyashala in 1855 with wide-ranging facilities for education and co-curricular activities. In addition to schools, she started a teacher’s training college. She also launched welfare schemes for widows and other women. This haveli was the home of the Hutheesing family that had textile mills and other businesses in Ahmedabad.

This is a towering haveli, standing three storeys high but with double-height ceiling which makes it stand tall in the neighbourhood. The haveli has about 60 rooms. The architecture is eclectic, ranging from ionic columns below to a profusion of Gujarati-style woodcarvings.

The splendid woodcarvings on the façade are striking as are the iron and wood decorative work on the upper storeys. The highlight of the haveli is the jarokhas – intricately carved bay balconies supported by some of the largest wooden brackets in the walled city.


Architecture, Woodcarvings



15 Minutes


The haveli is not open for the public. The façade can be seen from the main road.

Timings :Any Time

Entry Fee : Not Applicable