Dariyapur Darwaja

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Dariyapur Darwaja was raised for the purpose of Soldiers and Convoys of Sultanate to pass through. It was named after Dariya Khan whose tomb still exists and considered towards one of the largest tombs in Gujarat. In entire Gujarat Kotta Stone Brick and lime mortar combination dome is nowhere else.

It was extension of second fort during which Dariyapur Darwaja was raised for the purpose of Army and Conveys to pass through. Among many nobles Dariya Khan reserved a special place in Sultan Mohamad Begda’s advisors and ministers as being his childhood friend.

When we talk about Dariyapur Darwaja and miss Azam Khan and Muazzam Khan is not concluded. Who did not only build the biggest dome of brick mortar but also worked as few other architectural sites too.

The Persian brothers had a special roll due to likeliness of Sultan Mahmud Begada for having interest in always developing and having live city. It was very rare to notice that incident may have come in front of Sultan of a deserted place, site or house which is abandoned and he would not act upon to reinstate it. Infact his love for fruits was very symbolic when Maidan I Shahi was having orange and lime trees according German traveler Mandelslo.

The doors of iron-plated timber, the gateway of three stone arches the largest twenty-two feet high with a roofed platform 30x11.

Dariya Khan Ghuumat (Tomb of largest Dome Structure) Its known for having legends to associate with paranormal activities.


This slightly demolished gate once protected the city from intruders and enemies. Now it stands as a memory of the past. Witness this gate and all the others to comprehend the majestic size of Ahmedabad's fort.



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The historic darwajas of Ahmedabad stand proudly upright, marking the boundaries of the old walled city of Ahmedabad. Being part of the public infrastructure of the city, they are open to visitor during all hours of the day. However, it is best to visit during day time to properly appreciate the architectural details and also enjoy the thriving markets in and around them.

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