Manek Chowk

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Approximate Distance From Where You Are: 2.05 Kilometer

One of the busiest market areas in Ahmedabad, the historical square called Manek Chowk is known for its bullion, gold and silver jewellery market.

At night it transforms into a food paradise, called Ratri Bazaar or Night Market, with several eateries, street food vendors and ice-cream joints popping up in the evening and staying open till late into the night.

Manek Chowk is named for the saint Maneknath who is said to have lived here. When Sultan Ahmed Shah was building Ahmedabad, the legend goes that the work done in the day was demolished at night when Manek Baba would weave a blanket.

He requested Manek Baba to stop the practise so the city could be built, and named the place after him.

Maneknath Temple stands near the square. The markets of Manek Chowk are always busy with people gathering to buy cattle fodder at dawn, and later for fruits and vegetables.

The gold, silver and jewellery market through the day is one of India’s largest. After dark, the food vendors, stalls and eateries do brisk business.

Some of the shop owners and vendors believe they are blessed by the shrines, temples and mosques in the area.

Manek Chowk also makes an ideal base to explore nearby monuments, residential areas called Pols and bazaars.


Manek Chowk is known for its round the clock operations in different roles. In the morning it functions as a vegetable market, then jewellery market and in the evening till late night as one of the best food courts of the city.



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Do not miss the Nagara and shehnai played at Naubat Khana everyday from above the entrance of Badshah no Hajiro located very close to chowk. The naubat musicians have played almost every day for the last 600 years!

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